Does your business need a hands-free or contact-less menu solution? Either for in-house or takeaway? 

How have the current health concerns affected your business? We know tough new restrictions are creating a lot of pain for many food businesses. 

COVID-19 has created challenges in how you run your business. Your Smart Menu App is the solution to making your customer interaction easier, and more compliant with current health recommendations. 

With current restrictions, your options are limited to:

  • providing a single-use, disposable menu which can be costly and not very environmentally-friendly,
  • not providing menus, which make ordering more frustrating.
  • multiple use menus requiring cleaning after each guest, costing you time and money.

Providing a menu is not the simple task we used to take for granted. The food business has changed. And that is the 'new' reality.

Our solution for you is Your Smart Menu App, and it may just become your 'new' best friend.

Your Smart Menu App allows you to move your menu to an online solution that lets your guests easily access your menu from their own smart phone or device. 

No more cleaning, no more hassle, no more fuss!

Your guests simply scan your personalised Web App Code and Your Smart Menu App will load instantly on their own device. 

Customise and personalise Your Smart Menu App to perfectly match your individual style and branding.

Call us today to discuss what your business needs, and we will provide a quote with no obligation. 

Let's get creative and see what we can do together to move your business forward.

Let's get together and get you noticed, and we'll design a specials page with you...

Set out Your Smart Menu App to match your individual style & brand.

...Some ideas for you...

A picture says a thousand words, or maybe a more

traditional list is your preferred option!

Soup of the Day - £6.50

Ask our friendly staff for our Soup of the Day with a choice of piping hot and crusty artisan breads.

Bruschetta - £7.95

Delicate mix of vine ripened tomatoes, red onion, basil and garlic on top of toasted crunchy artisan breads, drizzle with balsamic.

What's your dining experience all about?

Pizza, Pasta, Fine Dining or Fish & Chips?

Dining in or Takeaway

This is all about you

And. A little something from the sweet trolley...

Something seasonal?


Maybe a stylised twist on an old favourite?

Or traditional...

Something from our wine cellar...

Your wine list can be as detailed as you like, either with or without pictures.

Tell your story.

A Beer. A Cocktail. Or maybe something stronger?

Create a drinks menu, and make it uniquely yours.

Oh WOW! Just... WOW!

Sell the Sizzle...

Let's Make Some Memories...